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    Contact address:17/F,Kaixin hi tech building,39 Anshan Road,Deyang,Sichuan.
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        1," continuing to improve product quality "is the eternal pursuit of the company. In contemplating changes, tracking changes, we must be relentless pursuit of improvement opportunities in order to continuously improve the process to ensure the continuous improvement of quality product quality, optimize product quality. 
        2, "Global Customer Care Services" is the company's operating philosophy. by continuously enhance customer satisfaction, and customers, supply-side Gongzhu integrity, win-win value chain as well as the sharing of quality and efficiency, to achieve the company's sincere services in the world every the user's objective.  
      The strength cooperates the sign serial products is the product which the profession endosarc quantity most is worth trusting, the strength cooperates the human by the high quality product, the enthusiasm, thorough, prompt, the responsible service attitude to satisfy domestic, outside each customer, realizes with the user altogether wins!
       The improvement product quality is continually the strength cooperates the company eternal pursue, in thinks changes, pursues changes we achieves certainly seeks the improvement opportunity relentlessly, by improves the process quality to guarantee that unceasingly improves the product quality continually, the optimization product quality.
       Concentric serves the global customer is the strength cooperates company's management idea, through strengthens the customer to be satisfied unceasingly, with the customer, the supplier altogether builds the value chain which as well as the sharing quality benefit the good faith, wins much, achieves the company to serve sincerely the global each user's goal.
    the advanced equipment and the rich experience, the team integrate the technical team is the strength cooperates the serial products and the high-quality service quality assurance.The strength association has take the PP-R tubing, the pipe joint, the line/tube card, the plastic package of prime plastic product research and development, the design, the production, the examination as a body's plastic class specialty technical team; Has shoots nail research and development, the design, the production, the examination and so on fastening equipment, mold for plastics, ramming mold is a body's machinery specialty technical team.The strength association integrated each kind of plastic products processing and the high strength metal product cold hot formation, the calorimeter processing processing superiority, may highly effective, high quality provide has custom-made outside the product for the global customer each kind to extend the service, satisfies the customer each kind of distinctive product development the request.